About Me!

General Information:

Name: Mike Rudolph

Handel: Zypho

Gender: Male:)

Education: Grade 11

Location: NS, Canada

Hobbies + Interests:

Web-design, Graphic-design, Video games, Lazing around, Goofing off, Military, Cars, Friends, Movies, all the fun stuff, Snowboarding, Go-Karting and yeah.:)


Color: Orange, Blue

Food: Grill Cheese, Tachos

Movies: Saving Private Ryan, JarHead, Four Brothers, LOTR’s, Euro Trip

Shows: The OC, Top Gear, CSI

Bands: Headly, HIM, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park

Place: Outside:D

Thing to do: Goof Off:)

Other Websites:

My art site: http://zypho.deviantart.com

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