Half-Life 2: Episode One on its way!

April 7, 2006 at 9:53 pm (Gaming)

Today the webside for the upcomming game HL2:E1 went live. The new episode picks up from where Half-Life 2 left. June 1st is when the games due to be realeased. This is definitaly going to be worth it.

taken from the website: “Half-Life 2: Episode One is the first in a series of new adventures created by Valve that extend the Half-Life 2 single player experience. It details the aftermath of Half Life 2 and launches a journey beyond City 17.

Stepping into the hazard suit of Dr. Gordon Freeman, you face the immediate repercussions of your actions in City 17 and the Citadel. Rejoin Alyx Vance and her robot, Dog, to once again aid the human resistance in their desperate battle against the totalitarian alien menace of the Combine.”

Official Website


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April 7, 2006 at 4:22 pm (Gaming)

Well some buddies of mine who are pretty big gammers got another one of their friends into gamming, the only problem was.. His computer sucks!!!.. The only game they had that they could get him running good with was the oldschool blizzard game called starcraft. Most people probably dont even remember this, its that old. So I decided I mise well re-install it myself, man some good memories when I was a gammer in training:P

Coool a screenshot



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